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Anniversaries: Celebrated, Remembered, and Ignored

This introductory article is the perfect vehicle to set the foundation for Art Eastman's 15-part series exploring the history of SVRA, as it celebrates its "real" 25th Anniversary this year.


Part 1 - "Gestation"-The Foundation Years
Part 2 - "Birth & Growth"-The Southeastern Vintage Racing Association is founded.
Part 3 - "Adjustment & Expansion"
Part 4 - "Name Change & Legends"
Part 5 - "Grand Bahama"
Part 6 - "Passing the Baton"
Part 7 - "Onward & Upward"
Part 8 - "Changes"
Part 9 - "Stabilization"
Part 10 - "Fatality"
Part 11 - "Tubulence"
Part 12 - "The Alliance"
Part 13 - "Amalgamation"
Part 14 - "Homestretch"
Part 15 - "A Personal View"

New Specials for Vintage Racing

Vintage racing should attempt to recapture this era's ingenuity, not by sanctioning replicas of existing Specials, but by encouraging the design and construction of new Specials built to period specifications.
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Sacrificing History

Labeling a fake as a "genuine replica" may be an amusing oxymoron, but it's also another example of the deterioration of language as an accurate method of communication. In a world where the trite is often "awesome," can the use of the term "original" to describe a race car be taken seriously?
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What's in a Name?

Discover the inspiration behind the norm and not so norm designations we either drive, would someday love to own, or just enjoy racing from behind the wheel or as a spectator.
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Amending or Replaying History?

Explore this interesting view of today's vintage auto racing's place in the annals of motorsports.
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