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VSCCA at BeaveRun 2004
at BeaveRun Motorsports Complex
VSCCA at BeaveRun 2004

Inan attempt to increase the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix’ (PVGP) popularity, VSCCA (Vintage Sports Car Club of America) added a kickoff race the prior week at the new purpose–built road course at BeaveRun Motorsports Complex, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.

This inaugural race at BeaveRun fielded the full gamut of vintage machinery and was opened to many racecars normally ineligible to run through Pittburgh’s Schenley Park’s challenging street configuration, making up a very interesting blend of sizes and shapes battling around the 1.53–mile Alan Wilson–designed tricky north road circuit.

Divided into five groups: Group 1, BMW Club cars; Group 2, VSCCA Small Bore; Group 3, VSCCA Large Bore; Group 4, Under 2.5 Liters pre–1973, and Group 5, Over 2.5 Liters Pre–1973, spectators and drivers alike enjoyed two summer days watching MGs, Turners, Elvas, Loti, Porsches, Triumphs and even a Yenko Stinger sharing the blacktop ribbon with a pair of high performance GT40s, a Cobra and Stang and slew of nimble Bimmers providing the nonstop action.

The only downside to this addition to the Grand Prix is the possibility, and unfortunately as in a few cases, the disappointing reality of this weekend's contests producing several racecars breaking and missing the big show battling through Schenley's street course the following weekend. But despite this rolling of the "breakdown" dice, adding the BeaveRun contest to the PVGP weeklong festivities was an interesting way to widen the appeal for all enthusiasts who just love vintage racing.......Walter Pietrowicz