Vintage Racer, Ted Wenz, Scores a Record Breaking 255mph at Bonneville

The “Old Gray Mare Ain’t What He Use To Be”, he’s a little faster now. Engine maestro and vintage racer, Ted Wenz, not only screamed to 249mph on Sunday during Bonneville Speedweek 2005” this past August 13-19, but he top his blazing run with a record breaking 255mph on his second pass. Powered by one of Ted’s MWE (Marcovicci-Wenz Engineering) motors, Alabama’s Keith and Tonya Turk’s “SO-AL Special” now is the official C/FMS (C Fuel Modified Sport) class record holder. Most of us have at one time or another witnessed Ted’s road course proficiency around Road Atlanta, Mid-Ohio, the Glen and other road circuits, but probably never realized that all that seat time was just practice to go straight, FAST! Congratulations to Keith, Tonya, Wayne Brown and crew, and especially, the man (and good friend) who’s always racing in the fast lane---Ted Wenz.

Thank you Tom Yeager for the heads-up!

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