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Be Part of the Bridge’s 50th Anniversary

September 30, 2007 will mark the 50th Anniversary of opening day at the Bridgehampton Race Circuit.

To help commemorate this occasion, Bob Rubin is installing a permanent three-screen video artwork in the new golf clubhouse on the track property that will evoke the evolution of “The Bridge” as a human endeavor worthy of world renown.

The golf course retains much of the original race track and its accoutrements like flag stands and the distinctive vehicle bridge. The dramatic hilltop clubhouse seems destined to become a memorial to The Bridge that we’ve all hoped for since the demise of Austie Clark’s museum.

Film artist Shimon Attee has been commissioned to create images of everyone who made it happen – from drivers to crew, flaggers and officials, ticket takers and fans alike. Not a run of the mill filmmaker, Shimon likes to work with a moving montage as background and his subjects as still–life statues, in costume with interpretative props. (anything Bridgehampton)

This will be a series of quick tableaux of people who were connected with the track in any way, including the kids who roller–skated around the circuit after the races. Filming will be done in May on an indoor stage constructed at the golf course. Participation will require about half a day of your time during the month of May.

Bob is also searching for old film or video of Bridgehampton racing, pit and paddock activities or garage preparation which will be restored and edited for a continuous loop video of racing activity on a large screen TV as lounge entertainment.

Please contact me if you’re interested in participating in the filming or if you have any crispy old film or tape you’d like restored and put in DVD format.
Guy Frost @516–621–2745 or guyfrost@optonline.net


We will be meeting at the golf clubhouse on Saturday April 28 from 5 ’til 8PM. Shimon will be scouting the “talent” for filming. Please invite your crew people and bring your props, photos, films and any other racing memorabilia.