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Still Time to be Part of the Bridge’s 50th Anniversary

September 30, 2007 will mark the 50th Anniversary of opening day at the Bridgehampton Race Circuit.

Shimon Attie‘s filming of the artwork for the evolution of The Bridge is now underway at the golf course. The schedule has been delayed somewhat so they expect to run well into June. We still need participants to represent all the folks who made it all happen. If you can give a half day to this endeavor, you‘ll be recorded in this historic document that will be featured in the clubhouse at The Bridge Golf Course beginning on Sunday, September 30. If you'd like to participate, please send a photo (not a glamor shot, just give them an idea of yourself so they can best characterize you) and let them know when you can come and what costume or props you can bring.

Please respond ASAP to CullenMcgraw@gmail.com or 914.292.0799. Thanks for your help.
Guy Frost @516.621.2745 or guyfrost@optonline.net