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The Inaugural Camden Vintage Grand Prix and Festival is Postponed to 2007

As you may have already heard by now, the Vintage Grand Prix and Festival Steering Committee made the decision on Tuesday, April 4, 2006, to postpone the inaugural event. This very difficult decision was made due to the failure of our hired sponsorship firm to maintain the required cash flow dead lines required for our budgeted media buys.

Everyone that has been involved with the Vintage Grand Prix and Festival to date–The State,Camden County, and Camden City Officials plus all the Community Non–Profit Organizations and our volunteers–all agree that this decision is in the best interest for the event. Having an extraordinary inaugural event is the key to the long term success to this event and the City of Camden for years to come. Without the anticipated media buys we could not ensure the attendance needed for an event of this caliber.

With the exception of that one issue, absolutely everything was in place for this event and our regional support is stronger then ever. We are just moving ahead and will keep you posted as we arrange for a future date.

Dina M. Patton
Communications Coordinator
T: 856. 482. 8300 Ext. 1240
F: 856. 482. 6766
E: Contact@VintageGP.Info