TC and Denver Cornett to be Honored at "Watkins Glen International Motor Racing Research Center

I am writing today to say that the Research Center is hosting a program on Saturday, March 4 to honor the history of racing TCs. The display car at the Center this spring will be Denver Cornett's TC and I know you are familiar with the history of that particular car (Denver raced his TC in the first Watkins Glen road race in 1948, and is a member of MGVR). The program on March 4th is part of the Center's "Conversation" series (one Saturday each month the "Center Conversation" features a relevant topic and speaker) and is intended to honor Denver and feature the racing history of TCs.

As you know, the 1948 Watkins Glen Grand Prix featured an interesting mix of MG TCs (including my father's) in the race including the car we will have on display.

Our idea for this program is to have a knowledgeable speaker talk about the variety of TCs represented at that 1948 race and their varying degree of preparation, etc. This could be the take off point for a broader discussion of TCs in racing through the years and to include cars competing in vintage racing today.

Questions just call!
Best Wishes,
Michael Argetsinger