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Krause & England, Inc. Announces Business Change

Raleigh, NC – Cecil Boyd and Peter L. Krause, principals and partners of the noted Italian car service and vintage race car facility, Krause & England, Inc., announce effective immediately the name change of the existing shop and vintage racing service provider, Krause & England, Inc. to Apex Vintage, Inc. and the formation of a new company, Krause & Associates, LLC.

Cecil E. Boyd will assume full responsibility for the operation of the existing specialty automotive service, vintage and historic race prep and support company under a new name, Apex Vintage, Inc., and will continue to operate out of the current 6000 square foot facility in Raleigh, NC.

Peter L. Krause has formed a new company, Krause & Associates LLC, a professional coaching, professional event management and automotive consultancy for individuals and companies. The new company will be headquartered in Durham, NC and will operate nationally.

“Although these two companies will be operating independently, their skills, resources and talents will complement each other and allow for each to offer to their existing and new customers a more focused range of services,” announced Boyd.

“K&E’s growth and success have enabled us to make these changes in order to best serve our customers now and in the future,” says Krause. “I am extremely pleased and very supportive of the direction both of our concerns have charted for their respective futures.”

Contact information:
Krause & Associates, LLC
Phone: (919) 740.1871
Contact: Peter Krause

Apex Vintage, Inc.
Phone: (919) 781.1871
Contact: Cecil Boyd