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The Club at Lime Rock Park Introduces Associate Memberships

For Those That Love the Idea but Need an Alternative Solution

Lakeville, CT – Track President, Skip Barber, and board members of The Club at Lime Rock Park have unveiled Phase Two of The Club memberships, an alternative solution for prospective members. To date, a full Founding Membership has been the only option available at $110,000 ($100,000 initiation fee plus $10,000 Connecticut Dues Tax). However, for those that love the idea but want another financial option, they can now become an Associate Member – a ten–year membership that allows drivers ten track dates per season, as well as several Club amenities. The $27,500 ($25,000 initiation fee plus $2,500 Dues Tax) Associate Membership can be re–sold or credited at any time towards a full Membership.

“Many potential members have told us they really want to join The Club but can’t make a large outlay now,” states Barber. “The Associate Membership allows them to start in a modest way, still getting a lot of track time and then upgrading their membership when they’re able.”

Membership Information and Benefits:

                                            Full Founding Member   Associate Member

Club Member, Matt Meehan – who also serves on the Member Board – notes, “I’ve spoken with many prospective members who would love The Club at Lime Rock Park experience, but need another option to a full Founding Membership. I believe this new Associate Membership addresses their need.”

To date, The Club at Lime Rock Park has 118 member commitments. Revenue from memberships is being used to fund a series of track improvements, which include additional new course options, while at the same time preserving its classic footprint by smoothing the surface and improving safety. Lime Rock Park is scheduled to break ground on track upgrades this spring and re–pave the road course in June.

The Club at Lime Rock Park (www.limerockclub.com) is an exclusive, members–only motorsports club for automotive enthusiasts. The Club caters to drivers of high–performance vehicles who use the track for pleasure as well as business.

Lime Rock Park is nestled comfortably in the lush green foothills of the Berkshire Mountains and is widely recognized as one of the most beautiful and historic road racing facilities in North America. A perfect setting for a motorsports club, Lime Rock Park has the only club currently open in the Northeast.

For more information, please contact Scott Tranchemontagne or Deb Daigle at 603.644.3200, or visit www.limerockclub.com