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Alan Tosler Captures Two Awards With MGB
Alan Tosler

It must be the British in him! Alan Tosler came to the US from the UK in 1995 and started a business in New York City. Then in 2003 he tested the waters of vintage racing with his MGB. His love of the sport and MGs kept growing, and with help and guidance from seasoned MG racers Mike Kusch, Don Munoz, and John Targett, he kept honing his racing skills, and improving his MG, as he became more competitive. In his last race of this season, with SVRA at VIR in September, he started 8th on the grid in his group 8 “Mike Stott–UBS Sprint Series” race. With improved skills, he slowly moved up through the field and on the last lap passed Schanbel’s Volvo to nail down an impressive 2nd place overall, and first in his class! Mike Kusch and others even commented on how much smoother and quicker Alan’s driving had become! As a result of his great drive and finish, he was awarded VIR’s “Founder’s Cup,” which was established in 2004 by Dr. Hooper Johnson, one of the original four creators of VIR.

Alan’s constant improvement in racing from 2003 to 2006 did not go unnoticed! His first vintage race event was in 2003 – also at VIR – where he finished 13th overall in the MG Vintage Racer’s “All MG Race.” From that humble beginning, he kept attending more races, honing his racing skills and worked on fine tuning his MGB – as his race results kept improving! His last race this season was at VIR with SVRA. He wanted to race at SVRA’s season closer at Road Atlanta in October, but it was not in his cards. Then – to his surprise – his friends called him after the Road Atlanta race to tell him he had been awarded SVRA’s “Most Improved Driver of the Year” award! Quite a year for Alan!

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