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MGVR 2007 Mosport “Focus Event” Cancelled

John Greenwood, President of the Vintage Automobile Racing Association of Canada (VARAC), and Chris Meyers, Editor of the MG Vintage Racers’ Newsletter (MGVR) regret to announce the cancellation of MGVR’s Focus Event at VARAC’s 28th Vintage Festival on June 22–25, 2007. This agreement was reached in the best spirit of friendship, and mutual understanding between MGVR and VARAC as a way of resolving a difficult situation. Both parties invested considerable time in an effort to find workable solutions to roll bar, fuel cell, and insurance issues, which vary by race sanctioning organizations.

While many MG vintage race cars meet VARAC’s roll bar and fuel cell regulations, many potential participant MGs, while meeting their home organization’s regulation, would not comply with VARAC’s standards. CASC–OR, the sanctioning body for racing in Ontario, confirmed that non–compliant MGs would not be allowed to participate.

Even though the VARAC Vintage Festival is no longer the designated MGVR Focus Event for 2007, both MGVR and VARAC urge all MG vintage racers with VARAC compliant cars to come to Mosport’s world class facility and participate in VARAC’s “Simms Cup” featured MG Race. See www.VARAC.ca for VARAC’s vintage rules. MGVR is currently pursuing other venues for its “Focus Event 2007”.

Greg Prehodka
MG Vintage Racers
Publicity Coordinator
MGVR on the Web: MGVR.org