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Three New MG Awards at Mosport

At VARAC’s Vintage Festival at Mosport, Ontario, this June 22–24, three new MG racing awards will be added to the current “Simms Cup” for MGs. The “Simms Cup” is a spirit award presented to a MG driver based on driving skills, car preparation, and character. Now the following additional awards will be presented to select winners in the “All MG Race” to be held:

  1. First MG T Series: “Tommy Hoan Cup” sponsored by the “MG Vintage Racers.” This is in honor of Tommy Hoan who was from Hamilton, Ontario and raced MGTC’s from 1950 to 1953 in Canada and the US, almost always winning his class, and often beating other much superior cars, in the early days of street racing.
  2. First MGA: “Van Worsdale Trophy” sponsored by VARAC, in honor of vintage racer Van Worsdale who received the North Toronto Motorsport Club’s “Club Championship Award” 50 years ago – in 1957. Van was racing a MGTD Mk–II, back then, and later raced an MGA, and still competes in VARAC today.
  3. First Overall MG in the MG race: “Al Pease Trophy” Sponsored by VARAC in honor of Al Pease, a member of Canada’s MotorSport Hall of Fame. Al first cut his teeth racing an MGA and then an MGB, with full BMC sponsorship, before moving on to the big time.

This year’s festival will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first Formula One Grand Prix in Canada, in 1967 (Al Pease raced in that race, but in a Gurney Eagle Climax). VARAC hopes to see a field of 40 to 50 MGs racing in the MG race this year. The weekend will include dinner events Friday and Saturday evening at this world class racing facility.


Greg Prehodka
MG Vintage Racers
Publicity Coordinator
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