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MGVR’s “Focus Event” at Mid–Ohio

It is time to get the ball rolling for MGVR’s “Focus Event 2007” with VSCDA at Mid–Ohio the weekend of October 12–14. The planning is well under way, and it looks like it will be one heck of an event, with a large MG turnout. I am starting to build up a list of those MG racers “Planning to Race” their MGs at the event (well, let’s say about 80% sure of racing there), and a list of those not racing but with “Interest in the event” (clubs, crew, magazines, etc). This is not a commitment by anyone to attend – just a survey. It will help MGVR with the planning functions for the event, and will let everyone know who is most likely to be racing there, as the list builds. It will also be an effective means for MGVR to communicate information on the event with all of those interested in it.

Information on the event will be e–-mailed out to those on the list as more information and updates on the event become available. So if you want to be on the list and in the info loop, just e–mail me the following information:

  1. Name:
  2. Bus/Club/Mag – if applicable:
  3. State:
  4. If racing a MG, year and type:
  5. Your interest in the event (racer, crew, club, mag., etc):
  6. Your E-mail:
  7. Any other notes of interest (2 driver car, historic car, whatever):

OK – lets get the ball rolling, and soon I’ll be sending out a list of those planning to be racing their MGs there, along with other info on the event. And please forward this e–-mail to anyone else who might have interest in it, but might not be getting this distribution.

Thanks – hope to hear from you soon and to see you there in October!

Greg Prehodka
MG Vintage Racers
Publicity Coordinator
MGVR on the Web: MGVR.org