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MG–T’s Sweep Class Win at Pittsburgh

From a mixed group of 43 cars in the under two liter production group, up through 1959, MGTD’s captured an impressive top three finishing places at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix in July (in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA). With the top six cars all within four seconds a lap of each other, on this winding 2.33 mile long road course through Pittsburgh’s Schenley Park, there were several lead changes, but when the checkered flag fell it was Manley Ford, MGTD 1st; George Shafer, MGTD 2nd; and Paul Fitzgerald, MGTD 3rd, with all three of them having their fastest lap times within 2 seconds of each other! And this was accomplished racing against the likes of Elva Courier, Alfa Romeo, MGA’s, A.H. Sprite, Lotus Elite, and other quick cars.

The Schenley course puts a premium on car handling and driving skills. This was the 25th running of this event as a charity fund raiser, which has raised over two million dollars since 1983, when it began as a one day race. Now it is a 10 day long vintage car festival which is unique in North America, with 180 vintage cars racing this year at Schenley Park!

More PVGP info at: www.pittsburghvintagegrandprix.com

Greg Prehodka
MG Vintage Racers
Publicity Coordinator
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