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Duncan Dayton – Making A Good Recovery After A Nasty Fall

Highcroft team owner Duncan Dayton suffered a very nasty experience last Friday – and is now in Indianapolis Memorial Hospital, in a body cast, where he’s recovering well.

Close friend Sue Hoole (she and husband Sid run Hoole Racing in the UK, which looks after Duncan–s historic cars here) explains what happened:
“Duncan is just thanking his lucky stars that he’s alive. He slipped by the pool at his home on Friday, and tried to engineer the fall so that he fell into the water – but he hit his head on some rocks. He felt most unwell and went to bed, but felt terrible in the morning. He was taken to the local hospital, where they diagnosed a broken neck. They wanted to operate there and then, which would have been a very risky operation. Duncan was then airlifted to Indianapolis Memorial Hospital, where the decision was made not to operate. They put him in a body cast, and hes got to stay like that for three months. He’ll be in Indianapolis for about a week. He’s taking very strong painkillers, but is very cheerful – and very grateful to be alive.”

We obviously wish Duncan a full recovery: it won’t be a speedy one, but will hopefully be a full one.

In the meantime, we wish Highcroft Racing “all the best” in the absence of the team owner – and hope Duncan will be present to follow their successes on the track as soon as possible