The fight for Bridgehampton Raceway may be over, but historic racing is alive and well on Long Island with the celebration of the Vanderbilt Cup Races

The following was forwarded to us by one of the Bridgehampton Racing Heritage Group's advocate, Guy Frost. For nearly a decade, Mr. Frost has faced insurmountable odds battling the economic and political forces to save Bridgehampton Raceway for future generations to enjoy. Regrettably, the uphill battle has come to an end with the group moving on to initiate another of Long Island's racing heritages, the Vanderbilt Cup.

From Guy Frost, Executive Director Bridgehampton Racing Heritage Group:

All good things come to an end... The fight to reopen Bridgehampton Racetrack is over. However, the quest continues to support the history and future motorsports in the NY/Long Island area. To that end we are working on a new venture around the historic Vanderbilt Centennial Group.

BRHG (Bridgehampton Racing Heritage Group) has been licking wounds since we lost our lawsuit against Southampton Town, but we're flaring up like the proverbial Phoenix. October 2004 marked the 100th anniversary of "Willie K." Vanderbilt's first Cup Race right here on Long Island, so we have now become the Vanderbilt Centennial Group.

But first the bad news. We had our day in court and were assigned a Suffolk County judge who was nearing retirement. His Honor simply dismissed our plea to save "the Bridge" as an historic site. He suggested we return to the Town Board for relief, as if we hadn't been camped out in town hall for the past 10 years. Alas, BRHG is now over $10,000.00 in the red and we have given up for the time being. Ironically, County Executives Tom Suozzi and Steve Levy had voiced their interest in celebrating Vanderbilt's contribution to American motoring. We suggested a parade of antique cars on the 1904 Vanderbilt Cup circuit and a day of time trials for cars with a racing heritage on the roadways encircling Nassau County's Mitchel Athletic Fields.

So the first Vanderbilt Cup Centennial was duly celebrated in October of 2004. A 26 mile parade of antique cars guided Nassau's police motorcycle squad plus some 50 sports cars racing around the public highways a mere 20 miles from Manhattan were truly sights to behold. Extensive press coverage of this historic celebration of 100 years of motor vehicle development brought big smiles to the political faces.

For 2005, the 2nd Vanderbilt Cup celebration promises to be an unforgettable event spanning Long Island. We'll have an autocross day for cars and karts with a concours display of historic automobiles on Saturday, September 17th. On Sunday, the time trial cars will again take to the streets and the antique cars will rerun the 1905 Cup route followed by a rallye to Suffolk County's Vanderbilt Museum and beyond.

Given short notice and conflicting events last year, participation from as far away as Boston and Baltimore bodes well for 2005. Indeed, Nassau County officials have expressed a keen interest in including full-blown professional racing at the Nassau Coliseum-Mitchel Field Complex in coming years.

But let's face facts. We are in desparate need of seed money to promote and grow these events. We need investors, sponsors and participants of all sorts if we really want to bring motorsports back to the metropolitan area. If you have an email and want future updates, please respond to Guy L. Frost at

You can help today by contacting Guy for:
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We hope to see you at the Vanderbilt Centennial event on September 17th, 2005. Guy Frost, Executive Director Bridgehampton Racing Heritage Group
5 Sinclair Martin Drive
Roslyn, NY 11576

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