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Bill Sadler Named Honored Guest for the Gold Cup Races in June

Bill Sadler
Bill Sadler is the perfect honoree for this year's event featuring "Road Racing Specials" as well as MG. Sadler, now 72, made his mark in the world of lightweight, high-horsepower “specials” that raced against the likes of Scarab, Devin, Bocar and Chaparral. Sadler built his race cars in the late 50's and early 60's and was entirely responsible for his own engineering and construction - often on a low-budget. His eponymous, innovative cars offered state-of-the-art engineering to compete against - and sometimes beat - some of the best in the business!

Sadler’s first car, the Mk I, was an emblematic “special.” The Sadler Mk II debuted in 1956 with a Chevy V-8 power plant and raced in England before returning to North America where it won the Watkins Glen Classic in June 1958. The addition of a sponsor in 1958 allowed production of the Sadler Mk III and to open the Sadler Car Company in St. Catharine’s, Ontario, Canada. The Sadler Mk IV featured a live rear axle. In 1961, the innovative Sadler Mk V broke ground as a mid-engine, two seat sports racer with a two-speed transmission, competing very successfully in the US, Canada and Nassau. Soon after, Sadler left the racing business to pursue other interests.

Bill Sadler was a racing prodigy, receiving his Bachelors degree in 27 months, followed with a Masters degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in just two semesters. Sadler held the position of Director of the Advanced Development Lab of General Dynamics Electronics Division, more recently he designed and developed high-performance lightweight aircraft for military use. Today he works as Chief Engineer for Arizona Instrument, Inc.

Bill will be racing his own Sadler Mk III in the Gold Cup Historic Races presented by Berry Hill. A number of other Sadler-built specials are expected to join him. After first racing at Watkins Glen in 1953, this appearance will mark Sadler’s fiftieth anniversary of road racing. We are honored to have Bill Sadler join us. After racing your MG, come meet Bill and check out all the Sadler “specials” which will be racing this special weekend......
Julie Allen, Director of Special Events at VIR

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