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Eighth Annual VSCCA Governor’s Cup

I would very much like to extend a personal invitation for you all to come and participate in the May 5–6, 2007, VSCCA Governor’s Cup on the 2.25–mile North Course at VIR. This event is a smaller, more "low–key" event in a world of “more, bigger, better, faster,” We have no timing and scoring, no classes and no grid sheets. Just smiles and track time at arguably one of the most challenging and picturesque settings in North America!

We will be having a wonderful sit–down dinner at the fantastic antebellum Foote family mansion, “South Bend,” on Saturday night, for a small extra fee.

We have three run groups (one reserved for invited post–VSCCA “Selected Later Cars”" and are asking particularly the Pre–War and under 1–liter Etceterini folks to come and support this marvelous event. This weekend has a wonderful Pre–War class history, what with the excellent Bugatti and Bentley participation in years past.

Please click on the following to obtain more information about this terrific event: Eighth Annual VSCCA Governor's Cup Link

Hope to see you all there!......Peter Krause