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1933 TT Race
Tim Rose–Richards’ Alfa Romeo is being hounded by Tazio Nuvolari’s MG Magette K3 (chassis #3003) along the Ard–Belfast road ciruit during the non–championship International RAC Tourist Trophy (TT) Handicap Race on September 2, 1933. The TT was held between 1928 and 1936, ending when a car plowing into spectators, killing eight of them. Nuvolari would go on to win the race, while Richards finished third.

1931 TT Race
The Talbot Team gets away at the start of the 1931 RAC International Tourist Trophy Handicap Race in Ards–Belfast (October 22). Tim Rose–Richards is in the #16 (DNF), while Johnny Hindmarsh took the #15 to a 30th place finish.