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VSCCA Spring Sprints 2006
at Pocono Raceway
2006 VSCCA Spring Sprints

With the lure of more favorable weather possibilities (finally), VSCCA (Vintage Sports Car Club of America) moved its normal April Lime Rock, Connecticut, season opener to a June date, and what originally was VSCCA’s traditional second “Spring Sprint” gathering, was now elevated to the club’s preamble to its 2006 racing season and held at Pocono Raceway this past April 14–16.

Following previous Pocono performances, this year’s crop was once again divided into three competitive groups representing slow and fast machines, and a third group populated with student (rookie) drivers who were tasting the blacktop for the first time. In total, sixty–eight entries enjoyed plenty of seat time to dust off the cobwebs, get up their skills and racecars up to speed, and showcase a plethora of quality authentic vintage machinery rarely seen at most other vintage events.

Among the catalog of impressive VSCCA entries were three early–50s Cooper F3 battlewagons representing the 500cc class and Dennis McKenna’s very rare 1949 Cooper Mk4 1100cc Twin JAP (P.A.P) Motor F2 racer. The F2 just received a lengthy restore, and “is believed to be the country’s only running Vee Twin 1100 Jap Engine,” noted vintage racecar magician, J.R. Mitchell of GMT Racing.

Luckily, the garages were the perfect blanket protecting the wine and cheese reception from Friday’s heavy rain, while Andrew reported, “Saturday’s night dinner at the Village Squire Restaurant was a sold out success,” as both get–togethers offered chances to form or renew friendships, or nurture what racers just love to do, talk shop with plenty of bench racing.

Yes, the Pocono event will never break attendance records, but where quality is paramount over quantity, the VSCCA gathering is always a huge success and a great show that was bookended by neophytes tiptoeing through Pocono’s asphalt maze and the muscular duel between VSCCA veterans, Jim Donick’s Allard and Andrew Stein’s Devin Special cranking up the decibels around the treeless landscape of the north course. And “considering it was Easter weekend, I think we had a great turnout”, noted new event chairman, Andrew Perlman, adding, “Pocono Raceway’s proximity, the area’s affordable and plentiful accommodations, paved paddock, free garages, and (again), the abundance of seat time, I expect this event to only grow in the future.”.....Walter Pietrowicz