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2007 Spring Sprints
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VSCCA Spring Sprints 2007
at Pocono Raceway

2007 Spring Sprints

This past April 13–15 should have been Vintage Sports Car Club of America’s (VSCCA) initial three–day foray of cleaning out the cobwebs from man and machine, but instead, it was cut a little short when Mother Nature decided to threaten the area with a Nor’ Easter expected to blow in late Saturday, early Sunday.

Officially titled, the Spring Sprints, Friday’s scheduled start began with unseasonable coolness thanks to plenty of wind chill that kept the Pocono Raceway temps closer to December, than what you would expect for early spring. Still, this isn’t the gang of NASCAR pretty boys who at the first sign of debris bring out the caution flag. It’s a healthy herd of VSCCA veterans whose racecars’ heaters are more likely an exposed exhaust pipe, and they just addressed the undesirable conditions head–on from the cockpit of their ageless equipment. With nearly 60 strong, plus a dozen students (rookies) on hand to sample the Pennsylvania racing surface, the VSCCA show went on, firing on all cylinders, but with a bit more clothing I might add.

What a difference a few degrees made as Saturday’s early a.m. coolness, while keeping the hot chocolate flowing, warmed nicely as the day progressed. Split into four “very loose” race groups, Fast, Faster, Fastest, and Students, the participants wasted no time getting their denizens up to speed circumnavigating Pocono’s north road course and painting the bland landscape with a sea of color. Various hue–covered Porsches, Healey, MGs, Lotuses, Jags, Alfas, and others hit the track with their individual motors barking out their personality and singing in harmony with the squealing rubber fighting for grip. Poetry in motion, as VSCCA’s unique catalog of steeds danced a couple more times around the road course maze completing another successful outing.

With Sunday activities officially cancelled and some drivers opting to outrun the potential storm by heading home, others stayed to attend the traditional Saturday night dinner at the Village Squire Restaurant. As event chairman, Andrew Stein, reported, “it was another delicious time among friends.”

With so many mega events peppering the vintage auto–racing calendar each year, VSCCA’s menu of low–key venues is always a welcomed oasis among these large happenings usually filled with many newer breeds filling the grid sheets. Pocono is just the opposite, a great occasion for the drivers to reawaken their skills, shakedown their seemingly tireless iron counterparts or test new rides, like George Vapaa’s Lotus 7, and for the Armco army of spectators, a grand opportunity to witness the various breeds that still definitively exemplify “vintage” in this fluid sport......Walter Pietrowicz