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Gold Cup Historic Races 2006
at Virginia International Raceway
2006 Gold Cup

Despite an eleventh hour divorce from West Coast based Historic Motor Sports Association (HMSA) creating an all encompassing logistical nightmare for Virginia International Raceway’s (VIR) staff, this year’s Gold Cup Historic Races surprised even the most seasoned pessimists with its last minute recovery from predicted doom this past June 9–11. OK, this wasn’t a record–breaking weekend in terms of turnout, but with well over 150 entrants on hand to battle the blacktop and each other, the Gold Cup produced plenty of thrilling racing, erasing any lingering fears that the 7th Annual gathering would be anything less than golden.

As usual, plenty of seat time was once again an abundant commodity throughout the weekend as the formal blacktop wars encompassing six groups of races preceded by a “Cars of Germany” feature kicked off the activities. In that special race, three 908s and the sole 907 of Henry Payne, III, joined other Porsches, BMWs and a lone Mercedes 250SL for an eight–lap shootout honoring the German marques. When the checkered waved, Henry Payne, IV’s two–liter 908 took the win.

The following were winners in their respective groups: Group A–Owen Ray McKenzie, MGB; Group B–Michael Moore, Lotus Elan; Group C–Bob Kullas, Alfa Romeo Giulietta; Group D–Fred Burke, Cooper–Monaco; Group F–Doug Richmond, GT350, and Group G–Dave Handy, McLaren M6B.

Following tradition, the event also presented the prestigious Gold Cup Spirit Awards to an individual from each racing group who represented the true essence of the Gold Cup race experience. The recipients were the following: Group A–George Wright, Group B–Ted Andersson, Group C–Audrey Schipprack (rookie), Group D–Fred Burke, Group F–Doug Richmond, and Group G–Phil Daigrepont.

With one of the largest crowds in attendance that I’ve personally seen at the Gold Cup, a friendly VIR staff, great creature comforts, the annual Black and White Gala gathering at the track’s restored Plantation Clubhouse, and of course, a plethora of vintage racing action contested over the challenging 3.27–mile circuit, this “signature” event, no matter what the forecasts, will always be a 24 karat gold venue.....Walter Pietrowicz

Photo: left to right
1967 Porsche 907LH – 1971 Porsche 908/3
1970 Porsche 908/3 – 1969 Porsche 908/2